The ScaleUP” 2017 Regional Competition

within the framework of the Innomatch 2017 Annual Regional Innovation Event


Being at the 5th edition, the Innomatch2017 Annual Regional Innovation Event organized by the West Regional Development Agency in partnership with the Tehimpuls Association shall be held on the 12th of December 2017 at Venue Timisoara (Divizia 9 Cavalerie 64 street, Timisoara 300254).


The event is a unique platform for interaction in the West Region for innovators and entrepreneurs, benefiting both from a national and an international presence.


Within the framework of the 2017 edition this year, the “ScaleUP” 2017 Regional Competition shall be held to select three innovative SMEs in order to be supported to scale up their business.


The competition is open for SMEs from any economic sector in the West and South-West Oltenia Regions, with a minimum of 3 years of experience and based on innovation. Companies participating in the competition shall have the opportunity to present their business scaling plans in a “pitching” type like format before the entire audience of the Innomatch2017 Annual Regional Innovation Event.


The winning companies shall benefit from a complete consulting package made up of:

  • Achieving the business scaling strategy
  • Coaching to implement the business scaling strategy
  • Training sessions dedicated to the themes specific to the scaling step (example, innovation management, leadership, international scaling)
  • Support in identifying international strategic partners
  • Individual consultancy for accessing new international markets
  • Promoting the company internationally.


Registration to the Competition


The Registration for the “ScaleUP” 2017 Regional Competition is made under the Registration Form (Appendix 1), which can be found at

Competition related questions can be addressed by contacting the One-Stop-Shop Enterprise Europe Network team within the West Regional Development Agency at e-mail: or by calling 0256 491 923, requesting to be passed on to

Raluca Cibu-Buzac, Manager of Regional Policies and Internationalization and EEN Coordinator for West and South-West Oltenia regions.

Karla Hategan, Head of SME-EEN Services Implementation Office


The following documents are required in order to corroborate the information in the registration form:

  • The confirmation of company details issued by the National Trade Register Office
  • The statement regarding the framing in the SME category (Appendix 3) and the report generated on the platform of the European self-assessment commission
  • The self-assessment report related to the statement on the framing in the SME category, obtained from the;SME_SESSION_ID=TrpxSexQnbPfq8SI4SU_LECUHjjkdrG4W4QeSaVyYMJZjk1TI5II!103665658?execution= e1s1 platform
  • Scanned copies of the financial and accounting balance sheets abridged for the last 2 fiscal years ended (2015, 2016)


The registration form filled in with the above mentioned appendixes shall be sent by email to the address


The deadline for the submission of forms is the 5th of December 2017.


The “ScaleUP” 2017 Regional Competition shall be held this way:

  1. Step 1 – Evaluation of forms and establishment of the initial ranking

Between the 6th of December and the 7th of December 2017, the West THE REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY team of experts shall evaluate applicants’ registration forms based on the Part I and Part 2 criteria in the assessment grid (Appendix 2). A first ranking shall be drafted based on the scores awarded in Part II of the rating grid. The top 10 companies in the ranking, thus obtained, shall be invited on the 7th of December to participate in the second stage and to provide the organizers with the presentation they shall support within the Innomatch2017 “pitching” session until the 11th of December 2017 , via e-mail at


  1. Step 2 – Attendance to the “pitching” session

The Innomatch2017 Annual Regional Innovation Event dated the 12th of December 2017 shall host a “pitching” type like session where the 10 companies selected in Stage 1 of the competition shall present their business and the scaling strategy to the audience. The presentation shall be scored in the final evaluation stage by the West Regional Development Agency expert team.


  1. Step 3 – Final evaluation

The evaluation board of the West Regional Development Agency shall meet between the 13th of December and the 14th of December 2017, for the evaluation of the second stage and the establishment of the final ranking of the 10 competing companies. The companies ranked in the top three positions shall be designated winners of the competition and they shall benefit from the business scaling consultancy package.


  1. Announcement of winners

The ranking list shall be published on the web site on the 15th of December 2017, and the top 3 of the ranking shall benefit from the business scaling program developed by the West Regional Development Agency in the context of Enterprise Europe Network. Complaints shall be filed between the 18th of December and the 20th of December 2017, and the results of their settlement shall be announced on the 21st of December. The final results shall be published on website: on the 22nd of December 2017.