On the 21st of October 2015, the third edition of the Regional Innovation Fair of the West Region took place. Innovators and entrepreneurs from the West Region met at the event with representatives of various companies, research organizations and business accelerators from countries such as Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Serbia and Hungary.

More than 300 people from 7 countries were present at the fair and 100 bilateral meetings (brokerage sessions) took place within this edition.

The most innovative products in the West Region were awarded at the fair and the Regional Innovation Competition, a competition organized by the Tehimpuls Association – the Regional Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer with the support of Innovation Norway and in partnership with Unicredit Bank, Romania.

All 10 winners of the Regional Competitiveness Innovation Competition were present in the exhibition space of the Regional Innovation Fair. The winners occupying the first 3 positions are:

1st position  – Radu Motisan with the product “Uradmonitor – Portable Environment Monitor” (a device that monitors seven environmental parameters and synchronizes data via the Internet, at a central server)

2nd position – SC Eta2U SRL with the product “Eta2U Business Objects – an ultra-fast development platform for business software applications” (the platform can be used for production planning, in goods management, in the fleet management, in the management accounting etc.)

3rd position – Ovidiu Sandru with the product “Lighty” (a pico projector with speakers and its robotic motion system)

The occupants of the other 7 positions are:

4th position – The National Institute for Research and Development for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter of Timisoara – Doctor in Engineering Radu Banica, with the product “Photocatalytic – photovoltaic hybrid system for converting solar energy into electricity”

5th position – SC Prospero SRL – Adina Bugescu with the product “Nutrigest: digestive crackers”

6th position – SC Home Administration Solutions SRL – Radu Cigmăian with the product “Homefile – the optimal solution for the management of owners associations”

7th position – SC Quadrus Concept SRL – Daniel Eugen Turcitu with the product “Quadrus Concept: Logical Organized Transport – QCLOT” (a cloud type like solution that addresses the business environment in operational and management processes)

8th position – The e-Austria Institute – Lecturer Dr. Daniel Pop with the product “Platform distributed for the monitoring of Big Data (Dmon) technologies” (a platform providing a single interface for monitoring applications and BigData environments)

9th position – SC Fab Construct SRL – Mihnea de Vries with the product “Rolley Scooterson – A smart electric scooter”

10th position – SC Remir SRL – Engineer Remi Radulescu with the product “Portable Gas Detector – Exhauster System”.

The 10 winners shall benefit from a training in the field of innovative product marketing and from an innovation management consultancy package, and the top 3 positions occupants, additionally, received grants (funding) of 10.000 eur each in order to support the marketing process of products awarded within the Regional Innovation Fair.

This year’s edition of the Regional Innovation Fair included, in addition to the Regional Innovation Competition, a conference during which Mr. Gheorghe FALCA – the mayor of the municipality of Arad, Mr. Adrian TOLEA – the president of the County Council of Arad and a member of the Regional Council for Regional Development, Mr. Sorin MAXIM – the general manager of the West Regional Development Agency, Mr. Niall O BROLCHAIN – the senior expert of the National University of Ireland – Galway, as well as representatives of some major research organizations and institutes from Estonia, Germany, Serbia and Hungary took the floor. Bilateral meetings (brokerage sessions) aimed at establishing business collaborations and partnerships between companies or research organizations from the West Region and European companies participating in the fair were organized.


The Regional Innovation Fair was organized by the West Regional Development Agency (the West Regional Development Agency) and the Tehimpuls Association – the Regional Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer – whose founding member is the West Regional Development Agency, through the EEN network (Enterprise Europe Network). This network contains over 50 countries around the world and provides information and advice services for businesses as well as an electronic platform that facilitates business partnerships between organizations in member countries. The West Regional Development Agency, alongside the South-West Regional Development Agency, Tehimpuls – The Regional Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer, The Development Center of Arad and The University of Craiova – by the association within the RO-BOOST Consortium – is an EEN partner from this year on.