South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency, together with TAITRA (Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council), as Enterprise Europe Network partners and in the context of Healthcare Sector Group membership within EEN, invites you to consult the digital platform “TAIWAN Global Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion”, which was created by TAITRA, in order to support the fight against COVID-19.

The platform, which can be accessed at the following link:, brings together the activity of experts from over 20 medical institutions and provides useful information for preventing epidemics, with the support of the Taiwan Ministry of Health, hospitals and other organizations.

The platform provides:

  • Epidemic-Prevention Experience Sharing: the platform shares Taiwan’s experience and expertise. You can also connect with Taiwan’s industries, hospitals, and service providers. The platform addresses both the needs of professionals and of the general public;
  • Industries: Taiwan is equipped with excellent public health, medical energy and rich experience in epidemic prevention. Companies in Taiwan are also dedicated to produce excellence anti-epidemic related merchandise;
  • Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) from reliable sources;
  • Global Anti-Pandemic Business Map – the latest border control infographic;
  • Taiwan Model: prevention measures that Taiwan has successfully implemented regarding the fight against the spread of the epidemic.

Also, if there are medical organizations or doctors who need help, advice or information, virtual meetings can be requested through the platform.

TAITRA Taiwan – Digital platform created to support the fight against COVID-19