Study for the agrofood sector by IMP³rove

Free vouchers have been provided by IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy, external partner of NICHE consortium, to evaluate the innovation management of 140 companies in the food sector in NICHE regions, using a proficient benchmarking tool.

The evaluation brought significant added value to the baseline assessment carried out in the first two semesters of the project and also provided a clear picture of the food sector at the level of the partner regions in order to position it and compare it at regional and European level.

The assessment’s main goals were to increase awareness of the importance of innovation management in companies as well as to support companies in enhancing innovation performance.

Moreover, the businesses evaluated benefitted of extensive feedback with regard to their innovation performance, to their weaknesses and strengths in terms of innovation management, helping them to rethink their innovation strategies. The evaluation included also a benchmarking tool, enabling companies to find out their position within the largest innovation management existing database.

Even though a long and time-absorbing process, entrepreneurs had the chance to discover new perspectives in managing innovation in their companies and it was even more valuable for those companies where an innovation strategy didn’t exist.

The study is available here…

Study for the agrofood sector by IMP³rove