The MBM Tourism Prague 2020 Brokerage Event was organized within the International Tourism Trade Fair Holiday World, one of the most important events dedicated to entities that are operating in the field of tourism, in Central Europe. Representatives of associations, clusters, travel agencies, as well as representatives of the hotel industry from over 25 countries participated in a series of bilateral meetings in order to identify competent and reliable partners.
The South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency, both as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network and as an organization with a regional vocation, aims at developing the small and medium-sized enterprises, but also promoting the representative sectors from the South-West Oltenia Region. Thus, as co-organizer of the MBM Tourism Prague 2020 Brokerage Event, it promoted, within the International Tourism Trade Fair ”Holiday World”, the cooperation interests of the ”Oltenia Tourism – Innovation and Tradition in Tourism TurOlt InoTT” Competitiveness Pole and the ”Health Tourism in the South West Oltenia region – SanoTour” Cluster, that were established at the initiative of the South-West Oltenia RDA.
Also, a local company operating in tourism field, received support from the Enterprise Europe Network experts from South-West Oltenia RDA to establish direct contacts with partners from the Czech Republic, Italy, Indonesia, Israel and Bulgaria in order to develop new business relations.

South-West Oltenia RDA, co-organizer of MBM Tourism Prague 2020 Brokerage Event, Prague – Czech Republic, 14th of February 2020