SMEs with an increased potential for innovation, whether already involved in such processes or that shall initiate research-innovation actions within the company to increase productivity and competitiveness, benefit from the intermediary of the Ro-Boost SMEs consortium of two services regarding the increasing of the capacity for innovation management:

  • Services to increase innovation management capacity

Methods and tools for analyzing and improving innovation management systems are provided with the support of the IMP3rove Academy. This method of assessing and improving innovation management is the most complex method available at European level, being recognized by the European Commission.

  • Support Services for SMEs participating in the program “Tool for SMEs” within the framework “Horizon 2020”

The beneficiaries of winning projects within the Tool for SMEs competitions are supported by Ro-Boost SMEs experts to identify coach type like consultants to advise them on innovation topics during project implementation. Thus, SMEs have access to a European database of experts with rich experience in innovation processes in various fields.