On 25.01.2017 the Romanian Government adopted the Emergency Ordinance to support the internationalization of Romanian SMEs, funded by the state budget. The program will be managed by the Ministry for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship.

Romanian SMEs will be able to obtain maximum 50.000 lei as grant for promoting products and services in foreign markets, to stimulate business partnerships, for the development of bilingual websites or apps, participation in internal and external trainings for promotion techniques, for other promotional activities in foreign markets.

Through this program (de minimis aid), for the period 2017-2020, will be granted the following activities:

  1. Individual participation to fairs and exhibitions organized abroad with own stand;
  2. Individual participation in trade missions organized abroad;
  3. Creating the visual identity of a Romanian SME (trademark, logo, slogan);
  4. Creating a site on the Internet / mobile application for presenting the promoted products in Romanian and at least one foreign language;
  5. Participation in training in Romania and/or abroad to promote products/services into new markets;
  6. Market documentation and other activities to promote and support internationalization.

The grants are in the amount of 50,000 lei/SME representing maximum 90% of the eligible costs, for a maximum of 500 beneficiaries annually that meet eligibility requirements.

Currently, the program is not operationalized, but in within 30 days of the entry into force of this emergency decree, the Ministry for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship will submit for Government approval the rules for the application of this emergency decree.

The Emergency Ordinance can be consulted

Government Ordinance to Support the Internationalization of Romanian SMEs