West Regional Development Agency (RDA West) and its partners within the Ro-Boost SMEs consortium – South – West Regional Development Agency, Tehimpuls – The Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre, Arad Development Centre and Craiova University – implement starting January 1st, 2015 the project – “Boosting Smart and Innovation-Driven Growth for Romanian SMEs”.

The Regional Ro-Boost SMEs consortium is a partner of Enterprise Europe Network and its objective is to develop a support structure for SMEs in the two regions, West and South – West, through which will provide an integrated set of information, support services and consultancy in order to help SMEs to exploit European business development opportunities.

In this context, the Regional Development Agency in Romania is hosting adecentralized training for new colleagues within Enterprise Europe Network in 21 – 22 April in Timisoara, West Region, Romania.

The training is meant to help staff within new consortia or coordinator / partner organizations which recently joined the Enterprise Europe Network get familiar with the structures and methodologies specific to the Network and acquire knowledge about procedures, means, tools and good practices in service deployment.

The focus will be to help new colleagues start their operations and to understand keys to successful service delivery to SMEs and other entities. The training includes bothpolicy related topics, addressed by representative from DG Growth, and Network’s specific implementation tools and targets, addressed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).  It will also include interactive sessions where case studies from experienced Enterprise Europe Network consortia will be analyzed and discussed.

Subjects include: ·

  • partnership process and approaches towards increased impact for SMEs, ·
  • best practices in organizing successful brokerage events and company missions
  • effective advisory service delivery.

The agenda can be downloaded

Target participants this training session is addressed to those who have recently joined the Enterprise Europe Network project (less than four months’ experience in the Network).


The registration deadline is 31st of March 2015.

The registration is open and can be done by filling in the registration form and sending it by mail to karla.hategan@adrvest.ro

Please be aware that, in order to achieve its goals, the training will accomodate 30 participants.

The participant status will be confirmed by e-mail until 10th of April  the latest.Only individuals who have sent the registration form and have received a confirmation e-mail will be accepted.


The training session will take place at: Headquarter of Regional Development Agency – West Region Council Room, floor 1 Address: 5th Proclamatia de la Timisoara Street, 300054 Timisoara, West Region, Romania

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Decentralized Training for new colleagues of the Enterprise Europe Network