South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency and West Regional Development Agency, as co-organizers, invites you to attend the online Brokerage Event “Construction-2020”, which will be organized between 18th – 19th of November 2020 together with Enterprise Europe Network partners from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

This event will provide large companies, SMEs, public institutions, associations, clusters, investors with a unique opportunity to establish business and technology partnerships via pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings. Focus points are construction materials and construction machineries.

20-minute-bilateral meetings are scheduled according to each participant’s availability, interests, and goals. In order to enable participants to find suitable partners, each participant has to choose at least one item from the “Marketplace Opportunities”. Participation is free of charge and the deadline for registrationis 17th of  November 2020. For more details and registration, please access the following link:

Construction-2020, Virtual Brokerage Event, 18th – 19th of November 2020