Established in 2012, Cooperativa Agricola Apivest  is a beekeeping association in West Region, Romania, gathering about 70 beekeepers from the 4 counties of the region.

With the help of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partner, Regional Development Agency of the West Region, Timișoara, Romania, Apivest’s ecologically certified bee products are reaching global markets.

In September 2016, one year later after its first meeting with EEN team in Timisoara, Apivest signs business deal with Irish lab for quality and traceability testing. From now on, Apivest starts producing its own brand and acquiring organic certification for all the products.

Following continuous Research&Development investments, Apivest has developed new products and increased production capacity so that turnover has grown by 83%.

For 2019 the company plans to expand research activities and develop e-commerce.

Apivest is a truly succes story for transforming bee products with high-tech solutions.

You can see Apivest’s successful story here

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Apivest – selected among the 10 winners of successful stories in “Ready to Grow 2.0” European Commission’s campaign