Sofia Tech Park JSC with the support of European Commission’s Directorate General for Environment and the Ministry of Environment and Water of the Republic of Bulgaria is organizing the 21st edition of the European Forum on Eco-innovation, in the period 5-6 February 2018, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Forum will examine eco-innovative solutions for improving air quality. It will bring together companies and public authorities that have already succeeded in developing and deploying effective new technologies, or innovative business and governance models, with those who are looking for such solutions and practices.


In particular, air pollution originating from energy use, transport and agriculture will be addressed. The issue of how to secure financing for eco-innovative solutions will also be prominently discussed.


The event languages are English and Bulgarian.


The event will continue to stimulate eco-innovation in this area so that more accessible, applicable and cost effective products, services and models are created, tested and widely deployed in European countries.





Session 1 – Framing the Forum

Session 2 – Energy and air quality ConverStations

Session 3 – Focus on issues

Session 4 – Transport and air quality Converstations

Session 5 – Financial support measures

Session 6 – Forum messages


To register and consult the agenda, please access the following link:

21st European Forum on Eco-innovation 5-6 February 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria