South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency, as co-organizer, invites you to participate at the Brokerage Event organized within the Horeca / Gastrofood / Enoexpo 2019 Fair in Krakow, Poland, between 20th – 21st November 2019.

The event is dedicated, especially, to companies operating in the food and hospitality industry and is organized by the Technology Transfer Centre of Krakow University of Technology.

The objective is to offer the companies the opportunity to identify new business partners.

For more details, agenda and registration, please access the following link:

Participation to the event is free of charge and registrations are open until October 31, 2019.

Brokerage Event at the Horeca/Gastrofood/Enoexpo Fair, Krakow-Poland, November 20 – 21, 2019